Capital Readiness Assessment

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What are you currently selling or what do you intend to sell? *
What type of intellectual property is connected to your lead product/service? *
Does your business solve an obvious problem or meet a specific need in the market you serve? *
How valuable is your current business to customers or how valuable will it be once it's on the market? *
If you are currently generating sales what sales channel(s) are you using? (select all that apply) *
What sales channels do you intend to use going forward? *
How many other companies are currently vying for your customers with a similar product or service? *
Does the management team have direct, prior (and successful) experience in the industry you're trying to operate in? *
Have the founders personally started and scaled a company before? *
Are you currently generating sales from your lead product or service? *
Capital Readiness
Does the company have a current set of financials (actual results YTD) including P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow? *
How have you funded the business so far? *
Capital Needs
Are the founders/owners willing to give up equity for capital?