What is via capital?

We’re a business strategy team for your company, and business strategy almost always includes having enough capital to execute that strategy. Capital is king.

We know what doesn’t work: complex deal structures, diffuse markets, over promising and under delivering, over estimating sales growth and underestimating the amount of capital needed.

We also know what does work: Great Team, Great Product or Service and a Great Plan all confidently communicated.

We are advisors with the kind of experience that actually makes a difference.

What do we do?

Since we operate in what is essentially a two-sided market that includes both the companies we serve and our Investor network, it is important to understand our client companies in great detail as the first step in our engagement.

Our process is simple: understand, advise, and execute.

  • We start by understanding your company inside and out - the good and the bad - and getting to know the leadership team.

  • Next, we look closely at the issues you’re struggling with that might need to be mitigated before approaching investors and then help you develop a plan to fix them.

  • Finally, we execute on our collective capital formation plan: right amount, right structure, and the right investors.


What is the process?

Once we receive an executed engagement agreement and payment, our team gets to know you and your company as quickly as possible from the information you provide to our data room. This includes getting as much information from you as we can, studying it, determining your state of readiness using a Via Capital metric called the Investment Readiness Score and them mapping out a unique capital path that puts you in the best position and in front of the right investors as quickly as possible. Part of the process generally includes building the following:

  • Targeted investor list

  • Valuation and comparable companies analysis

  • Investment Readiness Assessment and mitigation recommendations

  • Pitch deck and one-page summary cleanup recommendations

  • Practice pitch in front of Angel Investor and Via Capital team member

  • Live pitch in front of a selected group of investors that fit your profile.

Who are our clients?

Our typical clients are raising between $250K and $10M, though we are regularly involved in capital raises that are outside that range and engagements that are not focused exclusively around a capital raise, including but not limited to, M&A, capital strategy, strategic partnerships, sales and business strategy execution and planning. We work with companies in a

variety of industries and verticals, with current clients in E-commerce, Energy, Food and Beverage, Healthcare Services and Devices, Entertainment, IoT, Manufacturing, Real Estate, and SaaS.