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But my best friend thinks I’m a genius! Why aren’t investors throwing term sheets at me?

Video pitch review-$300

Ever wish you could ask an investor what they REALLY think of your pitch? In our pitch review, we’ll provide detailed comments on your company’s value proposition and how you communicate it. You upload a video of yourself pitching, our managing partners will watch and evaluate it, and then we’ll send you a page of detailed comments and walk you through them on a quick call for Q&A. In addition, we’ll fill out our investor assessment so you receive a quantitative score in each of five categories: Product, Market, Team, Traction and Capital Readiness. You can compare this score to your self evaluation for a holistic view of where you need to focus your efforts to significantly improve your chances of fundraising successfully.

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We'll visit this link to watch your pitch and evaluate it. Posting your pitch on YouTube and sharing the corresponding link has worked well for us in the past. For password protection on your video, try Vimeo.